Career In Business

Aloysius Ihezie

Founder and Managing Director:

Choice Textile Ltd

In 1999 Aloysius Ihezie founded Choice Textile Ltd, now based in Park Royal, North West London,
which over time has grown to become one of the key recycling companies working with charity
shops throughout the UK.
As the company grew new initiatives were introduced and close partnerships formed with many of
the UKs leading charities. And in addition to collecting and recycling many thousands of tonnes of
textiles, Choice expanded to collect and recycle books and other dry waste items helping charities to
raise further funds for their important causes and diverting huge quantities away from landfill and
into reuse and recycling.
Choice Textile is now a major force in the recycling sector with a large dedicated and committed
staff collecting on a regular basis from hundreds of charity shops in London and the south east.
Guided by Aloysius there is a strong ethical and environmental philosophy that runs through the
whole organisation with the emphasis placed on the provision of a first class service to charities and
a passionate belief in sustainability and the protection of the environment.
Aloysius Ihezie, a serial entrepreneur and employer of people, has other business interests under his