Aloysius Ihezie’s Charity Saves Jobs During COVID-19

Aloysius Ihezie

November 19, 2020

Aloysius Ihezie

Entrepreneur Aloysius Ihezie, managing director of Choice Textile, continues to help safeguard jobs as UK streets enter a second lockdown period.

Aloysius Ihezie

Under entrepreneur and philanthropist Aloysius Ihezie, Choice Textile—of which Mr Ihezie is the managing director—helps charity shops to make the most of their donations by selling or recycling their unsold stock. During widespread economic uncertainty this year as a result of the ongoing global health crisis, Mr Ihezie has worked tirelessly throughout to secure workers’ jobs as many high street businesses in the UK have struggled under the lock down restrictions.


“At Choice Textile, we’re helping some of the UK’s biggest third sector organisations to raise money for the causes they support,” explains managing director Aloysius Ihezie, also the founder of the celebrated UK-based non-profit Ihezie Foundation, “and avoid sending items, including clothing and books, all of which are in good condition, to landfill.”


Amid ongoing uncertainty stemming from the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, and as UK high streets enter a second lockdown period set to last until early next month, Aloysius Ihezie has sought to help safeguard jobs and protect the economy, both in Greater London and further afield.


With its charity shop partners across the UK forced to close under government guidelines for the first time earlier this year, Aloysius Ihezie worked tirelessly to maintain Choice Textile’s strong financial position during what the successful entrepreneur and philanthropist has called a period of unprecedented disruption. “During this period, my team and I worked tirelessly to strengthen the working capital position of the business, allowing Choice Textile to keep supporting its charity partners,” Mr Ihezie explains.


Choice Textile is an active, long-term member of the Charity Retail Association. Managing director Aloysius Ihezie and the West London-based charity recycling business work with clients including Barnardos, Oxfam, and the Salvation Army. “Every year, Choice Textile helps its partners to raise funding for the crucial good causes which they support,” adds the company’s pleased Managing Director.


Aloysius Ihezie is also the name behind Ihezie Foundation—a UK registered charity—which donates books to local primary schools. “Last year, we donated more than 120,000 books to schools both locally and elsewhere across the UK,” Mr Ihezie reveals. Since establishing the foundation in 2015, Aloysius Ihezie and his team have also successfully donated over a million educational books and textbooks to schools, universities, and libraries in Africa.


Now entering the second period of national lockdown in response to the ongoing global health crisis resulting from COVID-19, Aloysius Ihezie is, as the Managing Director of Choice Textile, set to continue to help safeguard jobs as tight restrictions again hit UK streets. “We’re working hard to maintain agreements with our charity partners, providing them with much-needed revenue, once again, during a difficult time,” adds Mr Ihezie in closing, “and helping them to reduce their environmental footprints as they continue to raise vital funds for a plethora of immensely worthwhile causes.”