Aloysius Ihezie Showcases Work of Ihezie Foundation

Aloysius Ihezie

October 17, 2020

Aloysius Ihezie Foundation

Philanthropist Aloysius Ihezie Provides a Personal Look at The Ihezie Foundation and Its Crucial Work in The UK and Africa.

Dedicated to improving education for children worldwide, Ihezie Foundation is a UK registered charity, donating literacy and reading books as well as textbooks and educational resources to primary schools in the UK and in schools, universities and libraries in Africa. The incredible vision of entrepreneur and philanthropist Aloysius Ihezie, the charity’s London-based founder offers a closer look at the foundation and its work, both domestic and international.

“The UK has a vast amount of quality used books, and, as we know, books are a significant tool in facilitating learning,” explains Aloysius Ihezie.

It was with this in mind that the philanthropic entrepreneur set about creating a charitable foundation aimed at improving education for children worldwide. Established in 2015, Aloysius’ dream came about in the form of Ihezie Foundation.

Aloysius Ihezie is a philanthropist and visionary entrepreneur based in London, England. With a keen interest in international relations and uplifting the less privileged in society, the businessman and entrepreneur visionary has, for the past five years, been passionately supporting the charitable aims and goals of Ihezie Foundation.

“The Ihezie Foundation helps people to get out of poverty by giving them better educational opportunities. We do this by providing wider access to educational books and learning materials. I believe this is a necessity for a quality education. All children are entitled to books to improve literacy and numeracy,” he explains.

“The work of Ihezie Foundation is my vision, and one that I’d like to pass on,” Aloysius Ihezie goes on, “so that people may continue to have a chance to obtain their educational goals, and then help to build a better life for themselves and their communities.”

Aloysius Ihezie and his team officially launched Ihezie Foundation on the 27th of October, 2015. “The event was attended by hundreds of guests and supporters from around the world,” recalls Mr Ihezie. The foundation quickly partnered with the government of Anambra State in Nigeria, Aloysius Ihezie reports, to donate 500,000 educational books and textbooks to primary and secondary schools, universities, and libraries in the region.

 According to Aloysius Ihezie, the following year, a further seventy thousand textbooks were donated to the Republic of Liberia’s government to support education in the country. “Since then, countless additional educational books have been donated to schools, universities, libraries, and other good causes both in Africa and the UK,” adds Mr Ihezie.

Aloysius Ihezie‘s charitable foundation’s latest goal, he says, is to successfully donate at least one million books to sub-Saharan Africa each year going forward. “Illiteracy is something which should be eradicated,” says Mr Ihezie, “and we must continue to fight it, in Africa, UK primary schools, and elsewhere internationally by supplying them with reading books.” 

“Why work in one place when you can connect and work with others around the world? Doing what we do is important as it helps to extend knowledge,” adds the entrepreneur and philanthropist in closing, “and allows those less fortunate to be a part of the bigger picture, instead of being left in the dark.”

Ihezie Foundation founder Aloysius Ihezie, based in West London, England, is a graduate of the University of Benin, a renowned research institution located in Benin City, Nigeria. Ihezie relocated from Nigeria to the United Kingdom in 1989. An affectionate family-centric individual, the visionary entrepreneur is praised by his peers for his philanthropic nature. Via Ihezie Foundation, Aloysius Ihezie continues to fight to improve literacy and numeracy in Africa, while simultaneously supporting a wide range of good causes in the UK.